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Properly maintained drywall plays a big part in saving you money and preserving the value of your home or your business, which is why Mr. Painter Painting Company is here to perform all drywall repair tasks you require. No matter what the damage, we can fix it!

Just like anything else, drywall suffers wear over time. It can crack as your house settles. Humidity from showers can cause moisture damage in improperly vented bathrooms. Doorknobs might punch holes in the walls. Similar problems can also crop up in office buildings, restaurants, and other business. Attending to problems like these right away can prevent further structural damage or the spread of mold, which, if left to their own devices, may cause bigger, more costly problems in the future.

Mr. Painter Painting Company can inspect your drywall, patch or replace it, and repaint all in one day. Residential drywall repair and commercial drywall repair are among our specialties. We even do exterior stucco repair, texture repair, and dry rot repair. Our experienced, professional drywall contractors provide high-quality drywall repair service at a competitive, affordable price.

When done right, fixing those cracks, patching those holes, or putting the final touches on a home improvement project can preserve the value of your home or business and save you money by preventing future problems. You will not find more expertise or better craftsmanship anywhere in the Turlock, California area.

Call Mr. Painter Painting Company and our licensed, insured contractors will make sure your drywall repair work is done right!